02 March 2012

12.2.12 - AERUNEROL ‘E’ WAVE


Hello hai dear PEACE OF MIND, long time no see huh..hehe..been so busy with my work right now..lets update my story.

12.2.12. It’s a sunny Sunday that day…am woke up early  and getting prepared of everything..yes! Everything!

Starting from 630 am, am cleaning the living room from A-Z..huh~  keep wondering what is happen on my coming wedding day..did I do the same thing?A groom cleaning the house on her special day..can’t be o?! but..never mind..:)

Am getting myself prepared for the engagement ceremony after settled the house cleaning process ( hua2..thanks God am not doing all of the housechores) and seriously guys~ am so damn nervous!haha…can’t stand can’t sit can’t walk .ouh! Allah, please do calm me down..

My E day is simple (yes, it is very simple)  but  I just love it!

Once in my life time & it’s CAPTURED !

the otherhalf of mine
Dearest my Lovely Fiance,
Thank you for being such a huge part of my support system.
Thank you for reminding me of my strengths when I feel so weak at times.
Thank you for helping me to see the other side of the clouds when the rain comes in.
Thank you for loving me, even with all my flaws.
Thank you for just being the wonderful person that you are...
I Heart You!

12.2.12 Thank you for such a wonderful day!
Thank you Allah ~ Thank you SALJI LYNASS ~ Thank you FRIENDS !~ Thank You Sidek's Family! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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lye^^dia said...

congrates nisha!! :D

Joy Perfume said...

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