25 May 2011



2YEARS in FRIEND-SHIP,  special mention to my beloved classmates of class G, 2009/2011...BACHELOR OF QUANTITY SURVEYING (Hons.)..FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE, PLANNING & SURVEYING..UiTM SHAH ALAM , SELANGOR..

here we are! the Greatest G-rians ever! :* (our last meeting after last paper of final semester)

front: iem, zue, dayah, illi, ika, yana, aini, arep, kush
middle : siti, (me), kb, nom, kak tiqah, imah, manja, intan, es, buddy
back : faiz, ayie, malin, mizo, man, hafiz

brothers and sisters of G,
 thank you so much for the greatest moments within this 2 years..
gonna mish you all!

"I guess this is my way of saying thanks
For catching me when I fall.
Thanks once again for being such a good friend
And being here with me through it all."

hope this '2years in friend-ship' will be a forever friendship!