11 February 2010

it's my LIFE

hurm...what things make me feel worst diz week.??.i feel so sleepy..so tired..n sumtime my mind is blur n blank...

oh no!!i hope it doesn't mean that i'm not in a healthy condition again..waaaaa!!!almost 3 years i got my hepi healthy body..BUT...it reached me again..

mom n dad...i need both of u rite now!!i don't know how to takecare of myself..myself..my body getting worst and worst everyday...i wanna back to a HEALTHY GIRL again!!
wanna call them but i will juz make them worried..hmm..
NUR KHAIRUNNISHA SALEH...u r a big girl now..do care of ur health..set up ur mind...
please..please...and please..living without ur parent aside doesn't meant that their cares is not with u...

it is Allah's will..."redha" is the best way to accept this great test from HIM..juz make as much effort to get urself well  
and PRAY...PRAY....and PRAY..

friends...they will be wif u as they think they still can be you..
love this friendship as it can be ur strengths to get very well...well..and well...soon..